Meet the new teachers: Zach Kraeger

Tala Trad, Memorial Contributing Writer

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This year, Edmond Memorial welcomes back alumnus Zack Kraeger, the newest edition to Memorial’s science department.

Before starting his career in teaching, Kraeger attended Oklahoma Christian University where he earned his diploma for mechanical engineering and pursued a teaching degree to share his own curiosity and passion for science with others.

“Being able to teach something that’s maybe perceived as being very hard and making it seem simple to my students is really the goal,” Kraeger said.

His first experiences as a teacher were at Heartland Middle School, where he taught sixth grade math. Kraeger felt welcomed back to the school where he was once a student; now as an educator, he finds the faculty to be like another family, never feeling like he lacks the support and resources he needs to be successful.

“I think it is just a really special unique place that you can’t get anywhere else,” Kraeger said.

Apart from teaching AP Physics I and AP Physics C, Kraeger has found himself involved in extracurriculars such as coaching the swim team and sponsoring Young Democrats. He wants his students to earn good grades and pass the AP tests to receive college credit like every teacher, yet his utmost wish is that his students grow as people and academics.

When Kraeger is not teaching, he enjoys spending time fulfilling the engineering side of him by working on his cars and building things; he also like to play video games when time allows. Kraeger hopes to be as influential to his students as his teachers in high school were to him.
“I’m really excited that this is my first year and I hope that it’s one of many many years here at Memorial. I’d like to make this my home as a teacher,” Kraeger said.

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