Meet the new teachers: Amanda Liu

Avery Tawater, Memorial Contributing Writer

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This year Memorial gained more family members with the many new teachers including a Memorial alum, English III teacher Amanda Liu, who graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in English Education.

“I decided to become a teacher during my junior year of high school which is pretty interesting since that is the year I’m teaching now,” Liu said. “American Literature really sparked my interest and I had a amazing teacher that inspired me.”

Liu has always been involved with the eleventh grade, having student taught alongside Debbie Reichert and subbing for a junior English teacher at Santa Fe.

“After student teaching, I fell in love with the faculty and the culture of the school,” Liu said.

The time and practice she had been given has taught her new things every time, including her teaching style and new skills. Not only is this contributing to the kids learning experience, but hers too.

“I’m hoping these students can look up to me because I’m here to give them all of my time,” Liu said. “I feel so responsible for my students.”

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