Meet the new teachers: Shannon Campbell

Avery Hamlin, Memorial Contributing Writer

Shannon Campbell, a new teacher at Memorial, has expressed her passion for science for many years through teaching. Although at first she wanted to be a nurse, her mind was quickly changed by her former high school basketball coach.

“My basketball coach taught biology and it was a very small class so I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Campbell said. “She was a huge inspiration in my choice to become a teacher.”

Campbell has an associate’s degree in nursing as well as a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) . Over a span of 16 years, she has taught many science classes including: anatomy, physics, environmental science, forensic science and zoology. Campbell previously taught at Boulevard Academy and decided to move to Memorial, because she wanted to teach a more diverse school population. When she decided to teach at Memorial, she already had an idea of what to expect.

“My first impression of Memorial goes way back to when my kids graduated,” Campbell said. “There is a family atmosphere, everybody is friendly and the kids are awesome.”

Following the teacher walkout in April, Campbell chose to stay in Oklahoma.

“I could easily go to Texas and make twice my salary, but my family and life is here.” Campbell said.

When Campbell is not dedicating her time to her students and family, she involves herself in an unusual hobby: organic hydroponic farming. Campbell has been hydroponic farming for 6 months; she enjoys growing herbs and fresh green beans which she then sells them to a program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for extra income.

It would seem as though Campbell would have her hands full, but she has found a way to juggle both teaching and her outside hobbies.  Her enthusiasm for science helps her stay motivated in the classroom and influences her other aspects of life to be filled with science.