Meet the new teachers: Lisa Shinn

Reagan Thorson, Memorial Contributing Writer

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In the year of 2015, Memorial High welcomed a new Teacher’s Assistant (TA). This TA was none other than Lisa Shinn, who was at the time, a fashion buyer. Shinn had such a stellar experience with the school she decided being a TA was not enough. She felt as though the atmosphere that surrounded the campus was unlike any other, so she went to Southwest Oklahoma State University to earn her master’s degree in Special Education.

“I did not feel like I was making a difference in anybody’s life and I feel I can make a difference in lives here,” Shinn said.

As soon as Shinn received her degree, Heartland Middle School opened their doors to her. There, she taught for two years, earning experience to aid her later. When Memorial had a job opening, Shinn rushed to the chance to work where her passion began.

Although this is her second career, she believes it is by far the most difficult and time consuming.

“Teaching is a hard job, but I would not trade it for anything else,” Shinn said.

With so many difficulties along the way, Shinn stayed determined and pushed through it. One of the many things that help her through each and every day are the teachers she works with. In the Freshman Academy, there was an overwhelming sense of joy, one that Shinn had never experienced before. From her time as a TA, she noticed how every teacher enjoyed their job and adored being there. Now, as a teacher herself, she has the chance to experience the friendship first hand, saying she enjoys hanging with the others.

“I feel like I have a teacher’s community here more than I had anywhere else,” Shinn said.

The teachers are not the only people within Memorial that brings a sense of family to Shinn. The students, arguably the most important part of being a teacher, make all this work worthwhile. As a TA, Shinn noticed something peculiar about the students. This interest is another one of the reasons Shinn earned her degree, and it continues to motivate her to keep on going.

“I love the students, I think they are really brave and courageous despite things they might be going through at home. They still show up for school and do their best work and fight through a lot of adversity and I really like that about the students of Memorial,” Shinn said.

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