Meet the new teachers: Clay Sizemore

Mary James, Memorial Contributing Writer

Clay Sizemore is a new Special Education teacher for Edmond Memorial. Along with other new teachers, Sizemore is already enjoying his experience here at Memorial. Sizemore went to the University Of Central Oklahoma where he studied Special Education, now he  has seven years of experience in the special ed department, its something he has wanted to pursue in for a while.

“I love it, It’s a lot of fun, it’s challenging, I get to work with great people here and fun kids plus I get summers off so that’s pretty sweet.” Sizemore said.

Having gone to Memorial, Sizemore had no second thoughts of where he wanted to teach.

“I went to school here so I already knew it was a great school.” Sizemore said.

Now a teacher at Memorial Sizemore is having a lot of fun with his new students they have formed a connection.

“I really like working with students with a different kind of challenge and help a student body that not everyone has a patience to work with.” Sizemore said.