Meet the new teachers: Curt Knox

Clayton Hedges, Memorial Contributing Writer

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Big: that is the word that Harrah resident and new teacher Curt Knox would use to describe the atmosphere of Edmond Memorial High School. Knox, the new head women’s basketball coach, taught and coached at Harrah for 30 years. Dissatisfied with the public perception of education, Knox decided to go into retirement last year.

“I  missed teaching tremendously and I was not going to take just any job, and this job just really enticed me,” Knox said. “Memorial has a good background and history.”

Knox played basketball and baseball in high school and eventually went on to play college baseball at Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU).  His first job was at his high school alma mater as an assistant coach and history teacher; Knox then received the opportunity to become the head coach at El Reno High School. He spent the next two years there, until the head coach job opened up at his former school. Soon thereafter, Knox applied and became in charge of the Harrah basketball team.
“I think my coaches influenced me to want to be a coach when I was in school, just the love for the sport and the competitiveness of things,” Knox said.

Currently, Knox is teaching a teen leadership class. Knox’s skills as a coach translate easily into a class based on the development of young leaders.

“Leadership is a part of being a coach and you’re a leader to young people and that’s what we’re teaching here,” Knox said.

Knox is still not used to the size of EMHS, but he says that everyone has been very friendly. Many faculty members and students have gone out of their way to welcome and greet him to his new school.

“The first month to me is like taking a big drink out of a fire hose, so I am still not used to being here .” Knox said.