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Santa Fe’s new addition to the counselors office

Coming all the way from Hawaii, Williams has made her home in Santa Fe's counseling office.

Coming all the way from Hawaii, Williams has made her home in Santa Fe's counseling office.

Coming all the way from Hawaii, Williams has made her home in Santa Fe's counseling office.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Editor in Chief

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Every year, Santa Fe opens its door to a plethora of new students as well as new teachers. In addition this year, Santa Fe welcomed the new counselor Lindsey Williams.

Williams,  originally from New York, moved to Hawaii and began her career as school counselor in 2004. While in the Aloha state, Williams met her husband who was originally from Oklahoma and after having both of her kids, the family made the jump and moved back to Oklahoma in 2014. During her time in the Sooner State, Williams has worked all across the Oklahoma City-Edmond area.

“I worked as a counselor in Oklahoma City for four years, I was at U.S. Grant high school for three years, I was at John Marshall last year and made the jump up here this year,” Williams said.

For her undergrad degree, Williams majored in psychology with a focus in sociology, stemming from an interest in how the mind works and the dynamics of social interaction. Williams enjoyed her own experience in her high school and decided to pursue a degree based around her interests and experiences.

“I wanted to work in a school but was never interested in a specific subject area as far as being a teacher,” Williams said. “But I love talking to people; I love helping people so I decided I could be a counselor and then decided I could be a school counselor.”

The “new Mrs. Williams” has since taken over the position of the P-Z counselor from the former counselor Jerri Williams, who has since become the new career counselor.

“I have high standards for my kids…we knew we wanted someone who was really nice and really good,” Jerri said. “I normally have a lot of energy and I love my students so we needed to make sure we found someone that fit that mentality and I think we found that.”

Williams, having lived all across the United States, gained experience working with students of all different cultures and demographics, making her a perfect fit on Santa Fe’s diverse campus.

“I think having experiences with different socioeconomic groups and working with all different populations has been a good experience and has given me a lot of knowledge in going forward and working with different people,” Williams said.

Santa Fe has been more than happy to welcome the new Mrs. Williams into the building and the faculty has already taken her under their wings.  

“We love people in [the counselor’s office] so we’ve all rallied around her and helped her,” Jerri said. “I think that she’s really going to do a great job.”


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Santa Fe’s new addition to the counselors office