A new addition to the Freshman Academy


Myel Solorzano

Shannon Ruger is a Pre-AP English teacher at Santa Fe High School.

Chloe Clinton, Santa Fe Staff Writer

As the new year school starts Santa Fe welcomes new teachers to their staff including English teacher Shannon Ruger. Ruger works in the Freshman Academy teaching both on-level and Pre-AP classes who runs a lively classroom full of education.

Ruger was born in St. Louis Obispo, CA and currently resides in Moore. She has a full plate balancing being a teacher, a mom of three boys, a graduate student and a member of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. In her limited spare time she enjoys reading outside of work requirements and attending sporting events.

Ruger previously worked at Carl Albert High School in the Mid-Del school district for 16 years. She then moved to the Edmond school district and more specifically to Santa Fe.

“I’ve always heard good things about the Edmond Schools. One of the administrators said they had some English openings. I came in, interviewed and the rest is history,” Ruger said.

Before she became a teacher 16 plus years ago she wanted to be a veterinarian but events in her personal life made her switch career paths. As she made the switch to teaching to be on the same schedule as her sons she remembered just how much she loved English and literature.

“I love the writing process and I love delving into literature,” Ruger said. “I love the ‘ah-ha’ moment when we are talking about literature and they finally get it.”

Not only does Ruger care about her students education, she also cares about their personal lives and their wellbeing. Her door is open to any and all students if they ever need someone to talk to. However not all of the conversations she has with students are heavy hearted the majority are fun filled and laughable.

“She’s pretty cool, I like that she is a nice person to talk to,” freshman Katelyn Schopp said.

As one of the many new additions to the Santa Fe teaching staff and the Freshman Academy Ruger has made this school her home.

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