Tips and tricks for the PSAT


Harper Wood and Gabby Newlin

Guess what season it is? If you said Fall, YOU’RE WRONG! It is PSAT season, which stands for pain, snot and tears.

So it is time to cry, but you’ve got to figure out when and where. Our advice is to cry in the shower. There, nobody can see your tears, and the water cleans those mascara tear lines right up.

Sometimes you will find yourself crying while studying, which creates the problem of being unable to see the paper through your tears. If you do, do not stress! Just stare at the paper until it is burned into your memory. This way, you can see it behind your eyelids when you go to sleep at night.

You may be wondering what to do about the fact that you know none of the PSAT material. Easy. Just tell yourself you will look at the practice booklet later, and then act surprised when it’s PSAT day and you haven’t touched it.

Know that the PSAT is just a test. A four hour, horrifying, soul-sucking test that can make or break your future.


Here are some test day tips!

  1. CREATE A PRACTICE PLAN: Start with your time frame and the content you need to cover. How much time do you have to study, and how much do you need to learn? If you’re like us, and the answer is 37 seconds and everything, creating a practice plan may prove difficult. Skip this step.
  2. WORK THROUGH EASY QUESTIONS FIRST: Begin with the problems you can do quickly and without issue. If there are none, do not panic. The most common multiple choice answer is C, as in C ya never college!
  3. ELIMINATION IS KEY: If you don’t know what to eliminate because your neurons have stopped firing, no worries. Simply eliminate yourself from the situation by screaming and barrel rolling out of the test taking center.
  4. COME PREPARED: Bring water to wash the tears off your face. Make sure you have a sweater as well. Sweaters can help you forget how cold you feel on the inside because on the outside you are warm.

Remember, it is okay to be sad, angry, and distraught over the PSAT. You are valid. Your test scores, however, may not be if you have to cheat and end up getting caught. So don’t cheat. All seasons come to an end, including PSAT season. Avoid worrying about the test and instead worry about the fact that you are going to die someday, loveless and alone. This will put things into perspective, so you can remember that life goes on.