Malibu Nights by LANY: The breakup

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"Malibu Nights" album artwork

Sidney Norman, North Staff Photographer

Los Angeles based triplet, LANY, released their self-titled debut in June of 2017 and did not delay with their follow up record, Malibu Nights, on October 5. Inspiration arose for their new album after lead singer, Paul Klein went through a very public breakup this past January. Following the breakup, Klein escaped the spotlight and used this split as inspiration, writing every song on Malibu Nights in just 45 days. While this may seem impetuous, the band’s sophomore album did not leave fans disappointed. In a mere nine tracks, Klein takes listeners through his emotional train-wreck of a heartbreak.

Prior to the album release, the band dropped four singles: “Thick and Thin”, “Thru These Tears” (co-written with Sasha Sloan), “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” and “If You See Her”, which all carry through LANY’s signature synth pop sounds, while additionally bringing in a sense of freshness that excites fans. These tracks take listeners back to LANY’s roots and give us insight to Klein’s denial and heartache. During “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore”, Klein finally comes to a state of acceptance with his circumstances in an attempt to move forward. “Let Me Know” definitely has the most unique vibe out of all the tracks, but lyrically it’s the least developed. Track six entitled “Run” encompasses a sort of darkness in which Klein seems to be trying to escape his situation with whatever means necessary, while simultaneously roasting his ex.

Closing track, “Malibu Nights”, is an immediate tear-jerker due to its rawness. Listeners cannot just hear, but feel, Klein’s anguish in a period of isolation and mourning. It has the softest production on the record, fitting for its melancholy melody. When Klein finally admits his hopelessness and ceases running, he’s metaphorically freed from himself. The genuineness  what makes the title track a perfect closer to the record.

LANY is playing at Brady Theater on Tuesday, October 30. Tickets are available here.

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