Study tips and reasons: AP testing 2018

Shelby Hurst-Brooks, North Staff Writer


Next semester begins the AP exams, which a large number of North students will partake in. There are many ways to prepare for a large test like the AP exam, but the most important part of preparation is studying.

First, begin studying a few months before the actual test happens. This gives enough time to figure out what needs to be studied and what needs to be reviewed. Next, create a schedule on what subjects to study. One unit may need to be understood better than another. If this is the case, start studying for the one that needs it most earlier than the already known unit.

Second, make studying entertaining. It’s important to make sure the brain is awake during the study session. It is scientifically proven that when the brain gets bored, it starts to wander into different thoughts. This causes distraction which leads to nothing being learned. If studying was made into a game, or something that keeps people awake, then it would be a lot more effective; such as, playing jeopardy in a classroom setting.  

Finally, a great tip to carry what was studied to the test, is memorizing. Once the hardest subjects are completed, review the easiest information. A week before the test, go over the harder information multiple times to double check everything is know. Eventually, memorization will work and once the test takes place, the studying will have payed off.

Since the AP test is next semester, which will come faster than expected, starting and creating study habits now will benefit in the long run.

Ernest Sanchez, an AP  teacher at Edmond North, tells the good and the few negative outcomes of taking an AP exam.

“[Taking] the exam can result in college credit with many universities, which means either one less class  to take, this can save money, or opening up a different class such as an elective class,” Sanchez said. “There are a few [negatives] I guess. The main one is cost, if money is an issue. Beyond having to pay for the exam, the tests can put additional stress that can be trying on students.”

There aren’t many reasons to not take the test and with all of the advantages, including college credit, so taking the AP test may be a lot of work, but it could pay off in the end.