Annual talent show “Debut” hits the stage for the 20th time


Myel Solorzano

These girls were members of the singing group "Girls to Women."

Kathryn Burkhart, Santa Fe Managing Editor - Print

Santa Fe’s annual talent show, Debut, premiered for the 20th time at Santa Fe High School on October 5 and 6. This year’s theme (for both Santa Fe show choir’s Finale and Debut) is Crazy Love, including performances of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Somebody to Love” from Show Choir. Along with a new set built by Stagecraft, the showcase hosted a number of new faces that were eager to share their talents with the school.

“I wanted to perform to share my talent as well as my culture,” senior Harman Kaur said. “I usually perform in groups, so a solo helped me gain confidence and produce the same effect a group act would have on an audience.”

Kaur performed a solo Bhangra dance routine, a style that originates in Punjab, India. Debut hosted several other dancers; many of the acts included were singing performances. Amulya Devasamudram was among the list of singers, and performed “Price Tag,” with J’Sean.

“I just love singing,” Devasamudram said. “Debut really helped me overcome my stage-fright and become more confident on stage.”

Other talents included the duo of Mayana Bradley and DeAsia Malvern who sang,” Me, Myself and I,” a magic act performed by David Yao, a beatbox battle performed by Paris Dirksen and Joe Wallace and “Chopin Etude No. 4 Op 10,” on piano by Trisha Dunlevy.

Along with many of the new and diverse acts, the Debut set was completely redesigned by Santa Fe’s Stagecraft class. The stage incorporated several students designs and gave a new and fresh look to the show.

Returning acts, such as Show Choir and Two Inches to the Left, made appearances in the show as well. Although these groups have performed on the Debut stage before, they did not fail to bring a new spin of their respective acts.

“It’s a lot of fun to perform with show choir,” senior show choir Lyndsey Hermes said. “It’s helped me get used to performing with a large group of people and connect with them. Being part of a group helps me connect with the audience too.”

Santa Fe’s Crazy Love show did not fail to receive roars of applause from peers and parents alike for its showcase of unique talents. Debut achieves its goal of being new and innovative, even after 20 years.

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