Easy DIY Halloween costumes

Presley Cuneo, North Staff Writer

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Spooky season is creeping around the corner, and a stressful decision begins to arise on the back of every kid’s mind: What costume should I wear for Halloween? Whether it is lack of creativity, too many options, or simply being too lazy to put in the effort, costumes are hard to come up with, especially when the dresser wants to be out of the box.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to search on Pinterest or several other websites just to get a single idea of what one wants to wear for the day of free candy. The drudgery doubles when finding out that a super sweet costume just so happens to cost way too much for one night of wearing it. There’s also the final barrier that prevents most kids from wanting to dress up at all: pure laziness.

These costume ideas should help spur the fellow trick-or-treater’s imagination, as well as keep a broke Halloween lover on a budget. Little effort is able to go into each costume, something every student burdened with school work would be glad to have.

Frosted animal cookie: Want to be a cute party animal using only three supplies? This costume requires pom pom sprinkles of varying colors, a plain white or pink shirt and a hot glue gun. All you need to do is glue the pom poms sporadically over the shirt. If someone wants to get extra with it, cut out the shapes of elephant or bear ears from felt and glue them on a plain headband.

Cactus: Fancy being one with the cacti? All this costume needs is tan-colored pipe cleaners and a green shirt. Cut the pipe cleaners into 1 ½ inch pieces, fold them in half and hot glue them onto the shirt. For a special touch, cut four sheets of tissue paper into 8 x 5-inch rectangles and fold them in an accordion pattern. Use a pipe cleaner to wrap around the center of the tissue paper and then pull up each layer to make a flower. Hot glue the flower to the shirt.

Identity theft: Yearn for people to groan once they know what your costume means? All you need are the sticky “Hi My name is” paper tags for the ¨identity theft¨ costume. Write random names on every tag and place them on a shirt.


Cereal killer: Crave a pun with a dash of spooky? Become a cereal killer- Buy mini cereal boxes and cut slits at the center of every box, then place a plastic knife in each slit. Hot glue the cereal boxes on a white shirt, and add red paint for a fake blood effect.

These costume ideas are not only affordable but creative and take minimal effort. For more Halloween costumes like this visit https://www.goodhousekeeping.com. Halloween only comes once every year, so make it count with a costume worth remembering. If you have comments, questions or concerns, contact [email protected]