Meet the newest math teacher at Santa Fe


Julia Miller

Frazier writes equations on the whiteboard. She demonstrates how to solve them to her Algebra 2 class.


Julia Miller, Santa Fe Staff Writer

This school year, a diverse group of new educators has assembled at Edmond Santa Fe High School. Among these various new teachers is an Algebra 2 mathematics teacher, Haylee Frazier, who previously taught at Heartland Middle School. She has always expressed a desire to teach at Santa Fe.

“Middle school was great,” Frazier said, “but I just know that my calling is in the high school level… I waited until the opportunity presented itself and now here I am.”

Frazier divulged that since she was in high school herself she has wanted to become a teacher.

“If you would have asked sixteen-year-old me what my goal was, it would be to be a math teacher and a basketball coach at an Edmond high school.”

Frazier’s aspiration to teach stemmed from her grandmother, who was also a teacher, as well as from her ambition to help other people. She expressed her support of Santa Fe and revealed her excitement at being at the high school, explaining how Santa Fe’s ideology encouraged her to select Santa Fe amongst a broad selection of high schools.

“The vibe that is Santa Fe and what it means to be a wolf and be a part of the pack encompasses who I am as a person, so I felt like it was the best fit as far as all the high schools go,” Frazier said.

Several of Frazier’s students commented their approval of Frazier and her teaching style, including sophomore student Hannah Lang.

“I really like how she supplements Discovery math [textbook] with her own teaching and helps us to understand the material,” Lang said.

The math teacher shared that she was born with only nine fingers but, as evidenced by her success in achieving her goals, this has never stopped her.

Boom,” Frazier exclaimed. “Here we are.”

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