Ed Sheeran: down in Dallas

The audience waves their phone flashlights along to Sheeran's love songs as they sway and sing to the beat.

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The audience waves their phone flashlights along to Sheeran's love songs as they sway and sing to the beat.

Samantha Thompson, Memorial Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran performed at the AT&T Center in Dallas as part of his Divide tour on Oct. 27. The concert was packed with people of all ages, swaying and singing along to Sheeran’s pop and love songs.

Sheeran opened with two of his hit songs “Castle on the Hill” and “Eraser” from the new Divide album. With some rapping sections, the crowd was instantly captured by Sheeran’s voice and musicality.

He then took a moment to introduce himself to the crowd and explain that all of the music came from his him, his guitar and the loop pedal he had on stage, there were no backup singers or performers. Knowing this made every song even better as I was blown away by the quality of the live performance.

One song that was specifically enhanced by this intricate technique of performing with a loop pedal was “Tenerife Sea.” Sheeran looped multiple layers on top of each other, creating beautiful harmonies and beats that left many crowd members guessing at the melody.

This didn’t matter though, as Sheeran said that he expected the audience to sing out despite the fact that many of us were out of tune. The light hearted jokes and comments by Sheeran had the crowd listening even when he wasn’t performing, encouraging the audience to dance and sing along and for the “boyfriends” and “superdads” who were dragged to the concert to try to enjoy themselves as well.

Sheeran’s set included mashups of some of his songs  and even “I’m Feeling Good” originally sung by Nina Simone with the well known cover by Michael Bublé, providing variety and something new for loyal fans. He also sang some of his well known songs. Among these were top 40 hits “Perfect,” “Photograph” and “A-team,” which he told the crowd that he had played at every performance since his first “gig” at age 18. The simplicity of the strumming from the guitar and Sheeran’s voice made the crowd feel like they were at one of Sheeran’s first performances.

The storytelling in Sheeran’s songs as well as that of his narration between seamlessly blended the story of his life into a beautiful concert. There was a song for every audience member to dance, sing or even cry along to. I think all of the concert goers, superfans, superdads and boyfriends, could all agree that Sheeran put on spectacular concert and as hoped, many of the attendees had hoarse voices on the way home. I highly recommend listening to Sheeran and attending a one of his concerts if possible.

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