New experiences for Coach Crabaugh

Emma McCabe, Memorial Staff Writer

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A new school year always brings unexpected changes and challenges for many teachers, but for Memorial’s health teacher, Rachel Crabaugh, this year has brought several amazing life events and with more to come.

Over the summer Crabaugh married her long-time partner and high school sweetheart, Cody Crabaugh, whilst preparing for another year of assistant coaching Memorial’s girls’ basketball team but also for becoming the new head coach for the girls’ soccer program.

Because of construction, the soccer team is training off-site, playing every game away and not having a locker room or home base all season. This is similar to what girls’ basketball went through last year when the gym was being redone.

The program itself is also going through a rebooting of sorts due to the fact that all this year’s coaches are new to girls’ soccer.  

“I know what playing on the road every game and not having a home feels like and it is going to be a long year but it is going to have reward at the end because we are going to have a new space we can call our own,” Crabaugh said. “In a weird way it makes the players and the coaches closer because we live in a classroom or in our cars altogether, so by next year we will not only appreciate a home base more but we will also know each other better.”

The spring will not only be full of new soccer experiences but also preparations for another little Crabaugh. Crabaugh and her husband are expecting their second daughter due in May. Emma Crabaugh, their 8-year-old daughter, was thrilled to be able to be a part of her parent’s wedding and is even more thrilled to have a sibling on the way.

“My parents marrying was probably one of the best things that will ever happen in my life because it is something I have wanted to happen for a really long time,” Emma said. “But finding out we were going to have a baby, that was the best thing that has ever happened in my life because I have wanted that for even longer.”

Erin Erdoes, senior basketball player at Memorial, has known Crabaugh and her family for nearly eight years and is elated at all the amazing life events Crabaugh has had recently and is in store in the near future.

“Because I have known her for so long I am excited for her to grow with Cody and be able to do the things with her family she had talked about since I can remember,” Erdoes said. “She has shaped my life experience so much because she has always pushed me to do more in all aspects whether in the classroom, making new friends or trying new things and was always there for me anytime something went wrong or I just needed a person to say hi to.”

Despite all the exhaustion she knows will accompany her hectic schedule, Crabaugh is extremely enthusiastic for all that lies in store this year, particularly because of her support system in her students as well as her family.

“I learn something new from all my ‘kids’ [students] and family members. I find the strength, courage and confidence through their support and it really helps eliminate any fear or anxiety I may have about all the changes occurring,” Crabaugh said. “I want to enjoy this amazing, scary, exciting, beautiful and unpredictable journey with all of the people I am blessed enough to encounter,”

Emma Gade, assistant coach for girls basketball as well as math teacher at Memorial, has become very close friends with Crabaugh since she started teaching and coaching at Memorial last year.

“Her family has accepted me in as a part of the family so being able to experience all those things with her and her family has been really cool,” Gade said. “Just in these past two years, the thing I have been able to glean from her the most is her optimism and ‘go get it’ attitude and the enthusiasm she has for absolutely everything. I know she is going to be busy but she is so good at multitasking and she is going to be great.”

Crabaugh plans to continue coaching both soccer and basketball after this year in conjunction with new motherhood.

“My whole family was like ‘are you crazy!’ and I know I will be exhausted but this is all I have ever known; coaching and teaching and being a mom,” Crabaugh said. “I know there will be times when I have to step back, check myself and prioritize but I can take on anything, I know that I can do it.”

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