Free Pre-ACT gives all sophomores a chance

The PreACT is a practice test given by the ACT

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The PreACT is a practice test given by the ACT

Addie Detrich, North Staff Writer

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At the start of the month, sophomores were informed by administrators that they all would be required to take the Pre-ACT Nov. 6. This is the first year for the administration to require this test for sophomores, instead of a strong suggestion.

The Pre-ACT is a mock/practice test for the real ACT that every student takes to apply to colleges. Most colleges have average ACT scores in the mid 20s depending on the program, with the University of Oklahoma setting the bar around 26 and Cornell University around 33. Students have been proven to improve greatly when they know what to expect and what they need to improve on, which is exactly what the Pre-ACT will do.

It came to some students surprise when they found out that they were less than a week away from a test that they had not studied for.

Brian Eccellente, the assistant principal, quickly relieved this rigidity after a nervous student asked about studying.

“You really can’t study for this test, it will just tell you what needs to be improved,” Eccellente said.

Other students who had already taken the ACT before did not feel the need to sit through an unnecessary test. Who this test was really meant for, were the students who would benefit from being required to take something instead of having it left up to them. This encourages all students to partake in building themself no matter what they really want to do or are pushed to do at home.

One struggling student felt glad that a free practice test could be utilized to effectively tell them where they need to improve.

“The test gave me a taste of what to expect when I take the real ACT,” the student said.

With all of this in mind, the ACT (in fact any standardized test) is not as big a deal as some people make it out to be. Although it should be taken seriously, it is not life or death, and can be argued to be a false determiner of real smarts.

Take the words of graduate Ethan Lietch, who earned a perfect score on his ACT senior year.

“The ACT doesn’t measure IQ, it measures how good you are at taking the ACT,” Lietch said in a 2017 interview with the Edmond Sun.

The Pre-ACT scores are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

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