Legally Blonde auditions!

Presley Cuneo, North Staff Writer


A peppy, pleasurable and primarily pink musical is stepping up to the plate for Edmond North High School’s spring show this year. Auditions were being held on Nov. 26th and 27th, and everyone was welcome to sing their heart out for a chance to perform in the lively musical. Legally Blonde is not only an iconic movie starring Reese Witherspoon, but was a big hit on Broadway and still is one of the most favorable musicals among theatre-lovers.

The protagonist, Elle Woods, decides to prove herself as more than just pink heels and blonde hair when she takes on law school, realizing the risk of abandoning herself amidst those who want her to conform. With upbeat songs, a bubbly ensemble and a variety of fun and diverse characters, this musical is a roller coaster of laughs and life lessons.

In order to audition, you had to sign up for a specific time on the callboard right outside room E907. You must have prepared a musical theatre/pop song in its entirety that showed off the best of your vocal ability. You had to dress nice for the initial audition and arrive earlier than the sign-up time. Sheet music must have been brought for accompaniment, for acapella auditions were not allowed. It may sound as if it was stressful, but overall the audition process was quick and smooth, and Mr. Towne, the director, was open-minded towards everyone.

Then the fun part- the dance call. It was held on that Wednesday and participants had to make sure to wear clothes that were not restricting and could be danced in. Mr. Towne taught everyone a dance related to the show and from there it was an audition to show off dance abilities.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes it into the show due to a lack of characters for everyone that auditions, so callbacks are composed of the people Mr. Towne specifically chooses to be present. From there he will assign songs that are sung by the different characters so he can get an idea of who may be best for each part. After that, there’s merely the pain of waiting for the cast list to be posted.

It’s important to remember the reason not everyone will get in is primarily due to physical requirements and the match an actor poses for a certain character. The director is always looking for certain things he/she wants to see in each character and not everyone can fulfill that. It shouldn’t be taken personally, but instead, encourage those to audition for the next show that may fit them better.

Auditioning can be nerve-wracking, but keep in mind that everyone else is anxious as well, and the director knows it. Be well prepared, take deep breaths, and keep confidence when auditioning, and remember that Legally Blonde is an upbeat show, so make sure to have fun. Who knows, perhaps the acting bug will linger after auditioning for such a fun show.