Edmond north’s newest club

CIA North’s new club

Rachel Frank, North Staff Writer

Community in Action (CIA) is a brand new club at Edmond North High School, based on making friends, being kind and being there for others, the club works with students with special needs, it teaches and promotes being friends with everyone without worry of being bullied or judged.

Sophomore Karter Hilliard is the president of the club and sophomore Rhylee Duff is the vice president. Hilliard’s inspiration for starting the club came from her experience with a child with disabilities in her preschool class from the time she helped the girl in her class learn to walk with their crutches. Hilliard believes everyone should have that opportunity to help another person. Hilliard wanted to create a safe place for students to be themselves and have fun making friends. She hopes that from this year on the club will expand and continue to grow and improve.

The faculty advisor for CIA  is Oklahoma History and Government teacher Jennie Butler. She worked with special needs last year and said it’s second nature.

“I hope to see us getting with kids that may not have a ton of friends and getting them involved in our huskey community,” Butler said “being an all-inclusive community will help everyone”

She hopes to see more people joining and being involved in the club and hopes that the club will create a positive outlook at North.

CIA hopes to gain popularity and build a strong foundation of caring students who want to make a difference in Edmond North High School.