How to spice up your Winter Break

Chloe Golightly and Zoe Golightly, North Managing Editor and North Staff Writer

Winter break is always a time of year to spend with loved ones. Whether out of town or with family, it is always fun to spice Christmas up a bit. Here are multiple ways, from clothing to food, that could make your holiday the best one yet.

For women; Instead of just wearing the normal jeans and sweater combo, pair them with a colorful beanie, a stylish purse or comfy-cute booties. This look could provide you with the fall fashion that teenagers crave, while maintaining a mature but casual look. For men; make a trendy outfit by matching distressed jeans with a comfortable but formal button up. To add more flavor to your look, pair it with a bold belt, a flannel and a denim jacket over the top. Boots or Vans would bring this look together by adding another casual aspect to it.

What do we all look forward to in the Christmas season? Food. We’ve come up with multiple new recipes and fun twists to your favorite thanksgiving foods. Love mashed potatoes? Add cheddar and monterey jack cheese with a couple spoonfuls of minced garlic to your already prepared mashed potatoes. This will make them even creamier with the cheese mixed in and will give them an extra kick of flavor from the garlic. Add cream cheese when mashing the potatoes for an extra creamy version of your traditional potatoes.

Another new and fun recipe for Christmas is Swedish meatballs, which our family has made for this holiday since before we can remember. With 18 ingredients, this recipe may seem like more of a hassle to make than it takes to eat; however, we can reassure you that the flavor in these meatballs is worth more than the complications while making them. The meatballs are made like any other recipe, though the gravy sauce is the main factor that sets the Swedish meatballs apart from normal ones. Butter, flour, beef broth, heavy cream, worchestire sauce and dijon mustard combine to create a mouthwatering rich and flavorful gravy to top this Swedish dish.

Between new fashion tips and fresh recipes, there are many different ways to spice up your Christmas and make it the best holiday yet.

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