Meet Caitlin Bell

Caitlin Bell, Memorial Class of 2010, has returned to trade in her role as a student for the role of an educator.

Beginning her career at her alma mater, she is teaching Pre-AP English I and English I students who will be graduating exactly ten years after she did. Along with her English classes, she will also be coaching tennis.

“I played two years of tennis at Southeastern University,” Bell said.  “I ended up finishing at the University of Central Oklahoma so I could be closer to family,” Bell said.

Bell considered becoming a teacher when she was younger but had always placed in the back of her mind. When she first began college, she wanted to earn her degree in creative writing so she could write a collection of short stories.

“I fell in love with writing just as a means for expression and therapy,” Bell said. “I want kids to understand how much fun English can be and what it actually encompasses and entails.”

In her spare time, Bell enjoys listening to the musician Drake, spending hours watching Netflix and traveling when she can. She also enjoys reading books and watching the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld.