“Snow White” is no poisoned apple

Snow White the Princess was played admirably by Presley Cuneo.

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Snow White the Princess was played admirably by Presley Cuneo.

Daniel Hildebrand, North Staff Writer

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Twice a year Edmond North High School is blessed with its drama department putting on a show.  After having 3 different directors in 4 years, director Patrick Towne added much needed stability.  Last year Mr.Towne presented “The Odd Couple,” and “The Mystery Of Edwin Drood,” which were a necessary breath of fresh air.  “The Odd Couple,” was a simple, very funny play; it wasn’t supposed to be something to think about and it wasn’t. “The Mystery Of Edwin Drood,” was a play within a play which immediately poses a threat to understanding. After these 2 major success a lot of people were excited for the next performance that was announced to be “Snow White.”

The performance started off with child Snow White which may be the cutest thing to ever grace the stage at  North. The cast must have rehearsed several weeks, because the level it was performed at was above high school standard. In particular, the lighting and sound were balanced despite having so many set pieces on stage. Snow White would make anybody’s heart melt and the Evil Queen infected the audience with hatred.

I was able to speak with the actor of Snow White and get her thoughts on the performance.

“It went really smooth, normally there was only a few people called and went so quickly,” said Presley Cuneo, the actor behind Snow White.

“We had three run throughs,” This was impressive because the show looked much more rehearsed. Cuneo finished talking about what she appreciated most about the performance saying

“Everyone was memorized so I wasn’t worried about it and everyone did their work and adopted their character well.”

The male characters didn’t lack either; The Huntsman started off as a sexist naive man, but as the story progresses he becomes just naive. Other character progressions included The Prince who wanted to marry Snow White but ends up letting her go so that he can return to his kingdom. Although the Seven Dwarves were not introduced until the second half, this benefited the story by allowing the audience to understand the other characters first. They were the classical personifications of hilarious traits.  The first act of this play was almost perfection. However, this play had two acts, and the second lacked the intuitive storytelling the first act had.

Seven Dwarves barged in the entrance to the auditorium to start the second act. Although they are funny at parts, there was a definite lack of synergy. Maybe it was unlucky, but the Thursday night performance had some technical problems in the second act. The plot had a few questionable points where things got confusing and things went off the rails a few times. One such example was when The Mirror comes to life and murders The Queen. The audience audibly laughed at how out of tempo with the story this was. However, this was not the fault of the drama department as they do not write the script. The Queen and Snow White were still able to carry the performance and made the second act more than tolerable. Overall this performance was definitely worth seeing. The first act drew you in and made connections with the characters, meanwhile the second act’s quirks were  funny, even if they were for the wrong reasons.


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