Change: It Can Make You Or Break You


Mia Ray showing what change could look like at North

Brynly Brown, North Staff Writer

A famous unknown quote said, “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”  Change is defined as the act of becoming different. It can be gratifying or unacceptable to many people. Some of the student’s suggestions on changes that could improve North range from more cell phone use, having less traffic in the halls, dress code, the quality of food, seating arrangements at lunch, having more funds for extracurricular school activities, and the tardy policy. “I wish the drop off and pick up lines were more organized and if you are tardy because of the traffic or the train, you should be excused from it.” Rylie Eisenhauer said.

Considering the traffic and train are completely out of the student’s control, the students shouldn’t take the blame for being tardy.  However, if tardies were excused due to the train, many students would abuse this excuse for tardiness. Another idea for change is regarding who the students are allowed to sit with at lunch.  

“I don’t like being separated from upperclassmen at lunch.” Mia Ray said. The freedom of not separating uppermen from freshman would allow students to make more friends and would give students  more options to make lunch more comfortable. On the other hand, if students sat anywhere at lunch there would be overcrowded tables and some would feel apprehensive to sit with upperclassmen.

“I like change because it brings new challenges and adventures,”  A freshman, Alania Harkins said.

According to scientists tell us that our brains are contrived to fear new ideas. Since people are used to the way things are, they can’t handle when things become different.

Ella Hague said, “I’m not scared of physical change but I am scared of emotional change. If I had to move schools or leave my friends, I wouldn’t like that type of change,” also says people dread trusting modifications and resist it when they don’t have control or input. People may respond with fear or they could feel overwhelmed and stressed. Alterations can bring worry of new problems, even though there are new possibilities. Although, with a great balance of resistance and acceptance change can strengthen you.

Adapting to new ways is important because it helps flourish new learning skills and provides new opportunities. Without the more opportunities, things would remain the same and growth would not occur. Changes can create bigger and better environments and solutions. It opens up a door for new progress to occur.   

If students have any altering ideas for North, they can present the information to student council, teachers, and administors. As Albert Einstein once said, “If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”

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