French fellows experience life at Edmond North


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French students at their Thanksgiving Dinner

Ainsley Martinez, North Staff Writer

Every year, Edmond North provides students the opportunity to travel. These international spring break trips include the Spanish department’s Costa Rica trip and the English department’s choice of Italy. However, this October, instead of flying across the globe to interact with people from other cultures, students from France visited Edmond North. From Oct 29-Nov 10 they stayed with Edmond North students and experienced the American lifestyle.  

The two week trip was a huge learning opportunity for students; for many this was their first time in the U.S. In Oklahoma the seven French fellows worked on research dealing with various comparisons of French and American cultures. Some focused on the U.S as a whole, while others looked specifically at Oklahoma. One student  questioned equality between men and women in the two countries, comparing the perception of the two sexes. Another researched the environment of Oklahoma and the effects of wind power. One student explored the epidemic in America of obesity. Tom Froissart, a 17 year old student from France, studied obesity and how to encourage exercise in Oklahoma and in his hometown Picardy.

“Living for two weeks in an American family showed me a lot about the American lifestyle,” Froissart said. “I got to study food nutrition at Edmond North, and had the opportunity to meet a fast food manager.”

    Froissart said his experience in Oklahoma was distinctly different from his life in Picardy. In the U.S., the level of consumption of fast food is measurably greater than in France, where going out to eat happens once every two weeks. The research is still being conducted and put together, but it’s notable to compare the two countries’ health- and how Americans can learn from other lifestyles.

    Although there are considerable differences, at the end of the day the interactions between students from Edmond North and those from France show teenage experiences transcends geography. Many of the fellows, along with student hosts, said this opportunity was incomparable.

   “If someone has the opportunity to go to a foreign country they should because it is an amazing opportunity,” Froissart said.

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