Principal Rose takes to the skies


Photo Provided

Principal Rose trains with the Golden Knights before takeoff.

Natalia Mora, Memorial Staff Writer

On Sept. 20, Edmond Memorial principal Tony Rose went skydiving with the army’s paratrooper tandem group, Golden Knights. They launched shortly before the University of Oklahoma Sooners vs. Army Black Knights football game on Sept. 22.

“It was something on my bucket list that I’ve always wanted to do,” Rose said. “It was a little freaky, but it was fun and I’d love to do it again.”

The Golden Knights, otherwise known as the United States Army Parachute Team, are one of three government-sanctioned demonstration teams, alongside the Navy’s Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds. The team, comprised of roughly 100 trained professionals, regularly perform at social events, such as football games and air shows. The team’s activities even extend over international boundaries, flying above nations like Japan, Canada, Belgium and Puerto Rico.

The Golden Knights take in public figures, celebrities and other influential community members to tag along on the jump, in hopes of spreading awareness about the army and demonstrating the team’s acute skill.

A parent connection made it possible for Rose to make a reservation. Also notably present were Oklahoma State University head basketball coach Mike Boynton and Wilson Arts Integration School principal Margaret Saunders Simpson, along with 13 other individuals.

“Hanging out with the Army all day and being part of that experience with those 16 individuals was cool,” Rose said. “We went through a little bit of training and wore the iconic yellow jumpsuits; the jump itself was the highlight.”

Rose expressed appreciation for the opportunity, recommending the skydiving experience to those who seek an unforgettable adrenaline boost.

Video footage of Rose’s jump is available on the Edmond Public Schools Facebook page.


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