S&B Burger Joint rocks the house

Hannah Teifke, Memorial Contributing Writer

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With each new restaurant chain introduced to Edmond, local burger franchises are facing some tough competition especially with the arrival of S&B’s Burger Joint, located on the corner of Kelly Ave. Unlike its competitors, S&B’s, owned by Shannon Roper and Bryan Neel.  provides a unique, rock & roll atmosphere along with good-quality food and entertainment.

The duo first started their business just over nine years ago when they had been flipping handmade burgers on the grill at the Electro Lounge. Since these burgers were quite popular, they decided to start their own business and include their love of rock & roll for an incredible experience.

A known highlight of S&B’s is the theme of the restaurant; it takes on a classic rock theme, which can be identified as soon as a customer walks through the door. With the rock music in the background, MTV videos playing on the widescreens and the photos of famous rock artists and decorations such as the vinyl records hanging at the entrance, any classic rock fan is sure to be impressed.

My family and I were seated and had received our drinks in about ten minutes and it only took 20 minutes for all of the meals and sides to be ready.

The menu categories show the main theme, with titles such as Opening Acts (appetizers), Classic Rock burgers, Greatest Hits Salads, and more.

My complaint would have to be that this speed could lead to occasional rushing, my order originally came out wrong but when the food was served, it was hot and ready to eat; nothing came out soggy or undercooked. Even so, it changed my personal perspective on burger restaurants.

I ordered an Old Fashioned Deluxe Cheeseburger with a side of french fries and I was slightly disappointed at first. The fries tasted great as well because they had a proportional amount of spice included a good texture.

The average meal for one person costs around $8-$12, so it is not too expensive.

S&B’s offers many lunch and dinner specials throughout the week as well as military discounts and free burgers on Veteran’s day for active duty or those who have retired from the military, so there are many ways to save money here. Overall, S&B’s is a great experience for burger lovers, rock lovers and sports enthusiasts because of its fun atmosphere, great service, and positive environment.

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