Freshmen basketball: back in season


Leah Franklin

The freshman girls basketball players competing at North on Dec. 10.

Makinzy Todd, Memorial Contributing Writer

With a new school year at Edmond Memorial comes a new wave of freshmen basketball players rolling in and being thrown into the mix of high school sports with the ups and downs of competition.

“My experience has been a little rocky, but it’s slowly improving and we’re all growing closer as a team,” said freshmen girls’ basketball player Aubrey Gleichman. “I can tell we are going to have a great season,”

The players are looking forward to growing in talent as well as teammates and friends. Both the girls’ and guys’ freshmen teams have the prospects of having a fantastic season and the coaches and athletes are all preparing for success.

“Our toughest opponents this year will be the Edmond teams, but we’re very excited for the challenge,” said freshman girls’ basketball coach Abby Boyd. “They should be good games for sure.”

They are all working extremely hard to bring home a winning season, which will include playing games against teams with more experience and games under their belt.

“This summer they played some older teams and some varsity teams. They had had zero practices and zero days of high school basketball and they played some smaller schools. Watching them compete against that really made me excited about this group,” said freshmen boys’ basketball coach Colby Connel.

Everyone involved with these freshmen are helping set them up for success not only within this season, but for future years to come. This includes their coaches and the older players on junior varsity and varsity teams setting examples for them and showing these freshman athletes the ropes of how the game is played.

“We have a pretty good group and every game is winnable but the number one goal is preparing them for basketball beyond their freshman year,” Connel said.

The freshmen coaches completely believe in their teams and are looking forward to a winning season.

“I believe we have a team that is capable of doing some great things if they put their mind to it,” Boyd said.

Both the girls’ and guys’ teams play a home game against Stillwater on Dec. 17 and are currently preparing for a win.

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