Lindsey “Stirling” up a storm

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Lindsey “Stirling” up a storm

Hannah Teifke, Memorial Contributing Writer

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Critically acclaimed electric violinist Lindsey Stirling performed at the Chesapeake Energy Arena Sat., Dec. 1 as a part of her Wanderland Tour. Stirling played some of her biggest hits balanced with modern covers of classic Christmas tunes as well as singing and dancing.

At the age of five, Stirling began playing the violin and had also been fascinated with the idea of taking dance lessons, but her family could not afford both so she combined dance with her playing later in her life. At the age of 19, she began implementing dance into her playing by using steps to form routines. A few years later, she competed on America’s Got Talent and became a quarterfinalist for the season. She then began recording music videos in 2011 and embarked on her first world tour in 2013.

Throughout her career, Stirling has had many accolades including three Gold Certifications, a nomination for an Echo Music Prize in 2014 and topping the charts with album sales, which has lead her to many successful tours and concerts up to today.

The concert began with her dancers picking out people from the audience and having them come on stage to play her violin. At one point, a girl was selected to come onto stage and she started playing the violin badly, only to then start playing a beautiful solo and taking off her large sweater and glasses to reveal that it was actually Stirling herself, beginning the concert with an unexpected surprise; no one thought the concert would start at that moment since the preparation period had been very uneventful.

At the beginning of the concert, Stirling played a few upbeat Christmas songs, as well as Stirling sharing short stories of memorable experiences throughout her career, sharing that she has done some hard work to be where she is now, but she has also suffered a great loss during that time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

To commemorate the passing of a close friend, her former keys player Jason Gaviati, Stirling gave a short speech and played “Hallelujah,” originally performed by Leonard Cohen. It created a quick emotional shift in the concert, going from energetic dubstep to a slower song.  

After the slow song, Stirling transitioned to more of her well-known songs, playing a mashup of two singles “Elements” and “Crystallize,” both of which came from her first album.

There were several comical breaks throughout the concert; at one point, Stirling brought her dog onto the stage and showed off a variety of spinning tricks and trying, unsuccessfully, to make the dog bow. The pianist and drummer began playing, “Run Rudolph Run” as one of the stage crew members ran across the stage playing random, off-pitch notes on a guitar. It was hilarious; the crowd even screamed for an encore after the break.

Stirling ended the concert with a jazz cover of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” At the last moment, gold streamers rained down on the fans as the lights turned off and everyone walked off stage. During her encore, Stirling came back onto the stage and performed her new single, “I Wonder as I Wander.”

Overall, Stirling’s music is very unique from that of other instrumental artists and being able to see it live was an incredible experience. It was very entertaining and unforgettable for those who have loved her music ever since her first album was released as well as anyone who has never heard her music. For anyone who loves modern rock or pop music, instrumental or not, this concert would be the perfect experience.

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