Multi-Cultural club: bringing cultures together


Sydney Varner

Multicultural club works in Edmond Santa Fe High School to cherish different cultures around the globe.

Shelby Dye, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Multi-Cultural Club is one of many clubs at Santa Fe and it encapsulates the spirit of Santa Fe and our known diversity compared to the other Edmond Schools. It is just one of many different clubs and activities that students can join based on their culture, ethnicity, ideas and hobbies.

“We have students from all over the world and I think it’s important to spread the knowledge and joy from each culture and holiday to our members,” senior and president Kathy Ly said. “It’s important to celebrate the diversity our school has.”

One thing that Multi-Cultural club members do is host monthly events based on different holidays from different cultures. This gives students an opportunity to learn about other cultures of students from other parts of the world. One example of this is their annual event celebrating El Dia de los Muertos and Thanksgiving.

“Our activities are important because it allows students to get together, celebrate their roots and learn about aspects of life from all over the world,” Ly said.

The club meets every month and works hard to bring different cultures together to learn and experience new things. An event they held this year was their Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge in October.

As a student, participating in school events can be difficult, especially if students feel like they don’t belong. This is why Multi-Cultural club is so important to the students of Santa Fe.

One of Santa Fe’s greatest attributes is our diversity,” English teacher and sponsor Keisha Cole said. “I love the different cultures I see in my classroom and in the halls of Santa Fe; the dress-up day was a great visual for all to see how we come from different backgrounds but we are all Santa Fe Wolves!”

To learn more about Multi-Cultural club, visit their website here. Also, follow their Twitter  or Instagram. The cost to join the club is $5.

For more information, contact Shelby Dye at [email protected].