StuCo spreads positivity this holiday season


Myel Solorzano

Pass the Pin had a lasting impact on Santa Fa with students still spreading positivity.

Chole Clinton, Santa Fe Staff Writer

As the semester comes to an end, Santa Fe’s Student Council (StuCo) found an interesting way to spread positivity: passing a pin. “Pass the Pin” was a chain reaction of students across the school where people gifted clothespins with positive messages written on them to other recipients.

“We hoped that we would simply make someone smile and make a positive change in someone’s life, or at least make their day better,” sophomore officer Landry Purvis said. “Our goal was to spread positivity.”

StuCo not only gave students the opportunity to pass the pin they also stuck positive messages on almost every locker in the school. But before the pins could be passed or sticky notes stuck, StuCo members made close to 350 pins and wrote at least a thousand positive notes.

However, this work was not without reward, many students and faculty enjoyed the task of passing the pin. Involving students and faculty in this manner left it up to them to spread positivity around the school.

“Pass the pin was so cute and I loved how it made students interact with people they didn’t even know,” sophomore Stephanie Ledford said. “I really hope we do it again.”

“Pass the Pin” was an effective movement to spread positivity. Not only did “Pass the Pin” affect the students and faculty but it also affected the atmosphere of the school which has had a lasting impact on the school.

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