Francis Tuttle provides different education opportunities


Sydney Varner

Francis Tuttle programs host their annual recruitment fair at Santa Fe.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Editor-in-Chief

Outside of the everyday traditional path of high school to college to career, vocational technology schools are providing a new way towards different career paths for people of all ages. Francis Tuttle Technology Center is one vocational program provider that is tightly knit throughout Edmond Public Schools.  

Francis Tuttle Technology Center has many different programs for students anywhere from high school and upwards including cosmetology, criminal justice, graphic design and many more. Many students across the district and that state are involved and have found many opportunities through these programs.

“I’ve learned more about myself and I’ve determined my career path,” Francis Tuttle criminal justice senior Kaylee Smith said. “[Francis Tuttle] has helped me learn about all the different options I can pursue.”

These multiple different programs provide students not only with specialized programs to suit different interests but oftentimes with certifications that out them a step ahead in the real world.

“It makes school more fun when you’re all there with the same mindset,” Francis Tuttle nursing student and Santa Fe senior Erin Giddens said. “ Last year we earned our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license and this year we earned our Assets Under Administration (AUA) license; going to clinicals with your classmates makes the whole experience better.”

Alongside the different programs and certifications, Francis Tuttle students also have opportunities to be involved in different student and leadership organizations.

“We have multiple organizations like our Student Government and Skills USA,” Francis Tuttle criminal justice student and student government president  Davis Osborn said. “We do so much community work and team building. It teaches you how to be a better leader and honestly teaches you how to be a better person.”

With many different programs available to people of all ages, Francis Tuttle Technology Center is a well known name associated with high quality education.

“Going into Francis Tuttle, I didn’t know what I wanted to do; I know a lot of people who go in like that and Francis Tuttle opens so many doors,” Osborn said. “With help from our teachers and our other staff, we’re able to hone in on what we would be best at and it connects us to ways to do that.”

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