GSA members step ‘outside the box’ to reach homeless women in need


Andrea Hernandez

GSA members held a hygiene drive.

Kara George, Santa Fe Staff Writer

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at Santa Fe high school recently held a women’s hygiene drive for the homeless in OKC and Edmond. GSA not only held the drive from late October to early November but their main priority has been to make a safe space for everyone while spreading more awareness for things that should receive more attention.

In suicide prevention month the club makes little notes to hang out as well. The recent drive raised awareness of the lack of hygiene items for women who don’t have any.

Senior Anna Stockton, the president of GSA, had the idea after talking with her mom about a patient she had who didn’t have access to pads. The group then held a meeting and decided that it would be a good idea to have a drive for feminine hygiene products that they could give to homeless women. Some women cannot afford it while others cannot drive anywhere to buy hygiene products and many people just turn their heads from homeless people.

“I personally didn’t even think about homeless women’s hygiene until this drive,” senior vice president Alex McDaniel said.

Feminine hygiene products can cost a lot to several women and women on the streets may not have access to the products when they need them. Some people do not even realize that homeless women face the same challenges as any other woman.

“I hope this drive will lead people to think outside of the box when it comes to donating,” Stockton said. “Since we don’t think of the everyday luxuries we have.”

The purpose of the drive was to encourage awareness and to help the female homeless society. GSA’s goal was to prove that women need these products to stay hygienic and the group hopes to make an impact on women.

“I think over time this will stop being a problem for homeless people,” McDaniel said.

GSA wants to influence the community by helping those in need of personal products and bring attention to topics that are ignored. GSA is still accepting donations and you can take those to English teacher Valerie Roberson or take it to any homeless shelters around the OKC or Edmond area.

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