Pre-production begins on Santa Fe’s upcoming musical

Riley Henson

The show will open Mar. 14 and run through Mar. 16. Tickets are available online at

Kathryn Burkhart, Managing Print Editor

With Santa Fe’s fall play coming to close, pre-production on the spring musical begins. As of Dec. 10, the theater production class is preparing designs for Santa Fe’s production of the Tony award-winning musical A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

The crew begins pre-production by striking the set, which consists of tearing down the previous set and organizing the parts for later use. The storage of props and costumes are also part of the striking of the set. The shop and props closet will be cleaned thoroughly for easier navigation when picking a design for the musical.

“There are a lot of challenges for this set so it’s important that we start fresh,” senior Macy Lawrence said. “There are very few scenes that take place in the same location.”

After starting with a clean slate, the students decide which design team they will join for pre-production: stage management, light design, costume design, makeup and hair, public relations, set design, sound design and prop design. Each team works everyday on determining what the musical will look and sound like. They research the period of the musical and collect references to use for inspiration. A presentation will be made by each group that is a collective of all their artwork and references.

“Crew is prepared to take on whatever challenges are thrown at us,” Lawrence said. “I’m excited to see what we come up with to add more depth and character to the show.”

Although the pre-production follows the regular order, this year’s show presents some challenges not only in the musical range, but in the production itself. Santa Fe High School will be the first venue outside of Broadway to show A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

“There are heavy expectations for this show because it is so popular,” drama teacher Robin Robinson said. “I know that our crew will make it a great spectacle that everyone can appreciate.”

The show will open Mar. 14, 2019 and will run through Mar. 16. Casting call is open to all students; all information is on the audition board in the fine arts hall if you are interested in auditioning. Auditions will be held in the choir room Jan. 9 through 11.

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