Preparing for the new season


From left to right: Zac Hall and Gavin Greenwood, both sophomores, passing a soccer ball.

Amy Lam, Santa Fe Staff Writer

With the semester coming to an end, so do most sport seasons. Certain sports like football, cross country and volleyball have ended while certain sports will start second semester like tennis, baseball and track. The preparations vary from working out to expanding their communication.

The coaches all have different plans to preparing but all are striving to get better. Although the coaches have their athletes lift weights and other preparations for the season, they also have study hall to keep their grades up.

“Through the winter we’re trying to get as big and strong as we can get. At some point we’ll go outside and work on speed and how to change direction,” football coach Kyle White said.

The coaches have new preparations to prepare their athletes for the next season. Coaches go to clinics and medians during the offseason and they also meet with other coaches after Christmas break to change what is necessary or improve what is needed.

Although the coaches have similar preparations, they have different goals. Kyle Hawkins, track coach, plans on going out of Oklahoma twice while coach White plans on winning more than losing.

“One of our biggest plans is to go out of state twice to Pittsburg State in Kansas,” Hawkins said.

Next semester, many sports will start while others will prepare for the next season and while doing so, they will also represent Santa Fe and create a team that the school and community can be proud of.


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