Battle of the Norths


Sidney Norman

Kamri Heath, starting point guard for the Lady husky's , smiles for the camera on game day.

Sofia De Francisco, North Staff Writer

wOn January 4th, Edmond North basketball girls played Norman North in a home game and ended with a miraculous victory. The husky basketball girls have a record of 9-4, and are ranked 6th in the state, compared to Norman North who was ranked 3rd. Junior Graycen Holden, a Husky teammate, shared her perspective on the game.

“The first half of the game was rough, starting off with a husky lead until Norman started catching up,”  Holden said. “We shot the ball and I got the rebound which tied us up with 15 seconds left and then we hoped to go into overtime.”

Norman North is ranked higher than the Lady Huskies, and they knew it would be a challenge.

“They played a lot like us, which is weird considering not many teams put in the effort like we do,” Holden said.

Senior and starting point guard for the Huskies, Kamri Heath scored the winning point in the last few seconds of the game. Heath said what was going through her head before she scored.

“I knew when I stole the ball that I could make the layup and win the game for my team and I,” Heath said. “It all felt kind of surreal once the buzzer went off.”

The battle of the North’s was an intense challenging game for both teams. Both putting in great effort and making the most out of every second. Norman North fell short this time, but the lady Huskies came on top with a impressive victory and remarkable story to tell.

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