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From Greece to America

Emily Garrison, North Staff Writer

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Edmond North has students from all over the world. The students are from France, Korea, Germany, different states in the U.S. and many more. One of these students, Nelly Alexandridou, is from Kalamaria, Thessaloniki in Greece. Her family had to move due to her father being in the military. Greece is 5,843 miles away from America, along with an 8-hour time difference, so that alone was a challenge for Nelly. She originally moved here to Oklahoma the beginning of her freshman year.

Luckily though, she was able to start learning English in kindergarten, but she was still stressed about it. She was able to learn more and more English once she started going to Edmond North.

In Greece, it is a requirement in all schools for the students to learn English, from Kindergarten all the way until they graduate college. It is a mandatory class for them to take. Their grading system is completely different from ours, their middle school is for 7 through 12 and they have the same grading as North. First high which is for ages 12-15 and then Second High for ages 15-18. Their grades are from 10-20 being 10 being the lowest and the base grade. The good grades are from 17-20; 20 being the highest. They get files with their grades in them 2-3 times a year and you have to have a specific number to pass that class. In First and Second high they do have exams at the end of the year. Quizzes and tests count for a lot as well as your behavior and participation in the class.

“The school’s system is completely different from back at home. The schools are so much bigger here, way more people, and the classes are totally different,” said Alexandridou.

They do not have lunch breaks either, they have breaks after every hour for about 10-15 minutes. When she was in Greece transportation was used differently than it is here.

“There is less traffic there in Greece as well because Oklahoma has way more people than they do there. More people walk around to get to 95% of their destinations whereas here 95% of us drive to get to our destinations,” Alexandridou said.

They have really hot summers but only mind winters, so when Nelly experienced her first winter here, she wasn’t too prepared for it. Their food is very Mediterranean based on vegetables, fish, legumes and other Mediterranean foods, but they also have many traditional plates.

Coming from a different cultural provided Nelly with new opportunities with exploring America’s and Oklahoma’s culture.

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From Greece to America