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Happiness is key to the student experience.

Gavin Schwettmann, North Staff Writer

Happiness is something we all need in our lives, but our experiences and environment affect our levels. Going through the school day, you may see people with varying expressions on their faces from bland to mad or sad or glad. Many factors change a person’s emotions throughout the day, such as stress and other people. Looking at the new semester, even schedule changes and having to make new friends will affect the mood of teenagers. Usually a good day will cheer them up for the next one.

Due to the new semester bringing along schedule changes that cause students to make new relations, they may feel alone for a short time until acquaintances are made and friendships are formed. During this time of limbo, a student not know who to turn to for questions in the class body. Junior, Miray Yim, was interviewed.

“I don’t have any friends yet, but I’m not sure,” Yim said.

Having friends may be important and even the shyest students have some friends to keep them company. When asked if her fellow students were helpful or supportive.

“I really don’t know since I haven’t made any friends yet,” Yim said

Starting a new semester also means starting out with a clean slate in the grade book. The beginning of the school year is a time of trying to get a passing grade to avoid ineligibility for sports or other extracurricular activities. This quick period of stress leads to quick low in the motivation and cool of a student. Though it passes quickly, it will still have an effect on the grade achieved throughout the semester. Classes have a varying degree of difficulty so a helpful student body can make the class enjoyable and easier. When Miray was asked about the difficulty of her class, she was optimistic.

“Not really, it’s a fairly easy class, so I’m not worried,” said Yim.

Some classes are easier than others, but all have their quirks at the beginning of the year. Every semester has new beginnings and clean slates.

To help feel more relieved, students may go out with friends or relax at home. Students use many ways to relax like going out after school or relaxing at home reading a book or playing video games. Social interaction is a way some youths tend to relax while others curl up on the couch, swaddled in blankets at home. These activities will reduce stress as well as make the student happier. A teen having fun is a happy teen, and they will continue to be that way. The new year has new starts, so making these first few days count is how to make the rest of the semester easier and less stressful.

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