Edmond North traffic issue


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The parking protocols are seriously complicated while the school is under construction.

Gracie Holden, North Staff Writer

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the traffic in and around the North parking lot and the school itself. Traffic has continuously stacked up on Danforth causing many students to either be tardy or rush into class a minute before the bell rings. Although the traffic is beginning to run more smoothly, the invariable train will continue to cause traffic headaches, regardless of the construction.

Trains make it hard for many students to get to school on time. Tara Pinney, a mother of an attending student at North, believes that the traffic issue could slowly dissolve if the drop-off line wasn’t inconsistent due to the traffic to get into the school and/or the possibility of a train going by at the same time that students and teachers are trying to get into the school.

“I believe it would be much easier if the trains were not allowed to run through the intersection during the time kids are going and coming from school,”  Pinney said.

Thomas road closed down on Friday, July 13, 2018, and the closure was expected to last 120 days with cooperative weather. Friday, Jan. 18, 2019 will be the 189th day that it has been closed. Due to this delay, student drivers and parents are expected to find an alternate route to arrive at school. With there only being so many routes to take, traffic becomes hectic quickly and patience runs low for many.

Freshmen English teacher Kathleen Almen, has had numerous students rushing into her classroom last minute.

“The drop-off line is consistently crowded,” Almen said. “I sometimes have students that are either late or rushing in, but it has since gotten better as the year has gone by. I often try to arrive earlier, that way I beat the traffic.”

The issue doesn’t only affect students, but teachers as well. The construction was expected to be finished on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018, but has yet to be completed.


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