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New Years at North

Zoe Golightly, North Staff Writer

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As the new year begins, people all over the world make resolutions to try and have a better year. Students throughout North have shared their resolutions and they are everything from funny and simple to deep and personal. Some of these students’ resolutions are things that I think we as students should all practice daily and are definitely worth sharing.

Freshman Haylee Burkett wishes to become closer with her friends and family by making more time for them. She explains how often times, she is so busy that she neglects her main priorities.

“I want to be more dedicated to things like church, friends, family and school,” Burkett said.

Freshman Noele Eccellente’s goal is to be less lazy. Even when she has things to do, she likes to ignore them and do something that will help her to relax or have fun.

“I want to be more productive in my everyday life and stop spending so much time watching Netflix,” Eccelente said.

Some of the students here at North have more specific goals. These students reflect on their past year and decided on some things that would truly help their school days and have a positive effect on their overall mental health.

Freshman Tanya Hobza struggles to be productive in her daily life and would like to start doing more things that will benefit her future.

“I want to do one thing every day that will help my future so that I’m constantly growing towards my long term goals,” Hobza said.

This could range from just doing homework to participating in school events and sports. Hobza especially loves her self-care days. These days help her mind and soul so that she has a free spirit and a clear mind which will help her to conquer any other obstacle that comes her way.

Freshman Fatima Rojo doesn’t like when things in her life change. Often times, she has trouble adjusting to new changes in her life.

“I want to be more patient and accepting with the things that happen in the future.” Rojo said.

Rojo has a lot of school challenges and struggles and she tends to become impatient with herself. She easily gets down on herself by the things that get thrown at her. Her resolution will help her to be more patient with herself and the obstacles that she goes through.

Freshman April Eddlemon came up with one of the most creative resolutions that could truly improve a student’s everyday mood. She decided that every day on a sticky note she would write down something that made her happy. Then she takes the sticky note and puts it into a big jar.

This causes her to think of the good things that happened that day instead of focusing on the bad things. At the end of the year, she can open the jar and see all of the good memories that she made and reflect on all of the reasons she has to be happy every day.

New Year’s resolutions the past year may have been forgotten but it is very important for students and teachers to at least make some goals for the year. These goals give students reasons to work hard in school and at home and encourage teens to be more productive with the time they possess.

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New Years at North