Bird Box cautions the uncertainty movie review

This is the original Netflix title poster for Bird Box.

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This is the original Netflix title poster for Bird Box.

Brynly Brown, North Staff Writer

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“Bird Box” is one of the most talked about thrillers on Netflix and is catching the attention of many people.

Imagine wearing a blindfold, running away while feeling lost, and not knowing what is ahead.  “Bird Box” is directed by Susanne Bier, she makes the audience visualize what it is like to be on the run from a supernatural horror that can take the form of your worst fears just by looking at it.

Sandra Bullock, who plays the mother, Malorie Hayes, tries to protect her kids from seeing the mysterious spirit by escaping the possessed world in search for a safe life. The spirit metamorphoses into your worst fears. If you look at the force, it makes you want to commit spontaneous suicide. Malorie escapes and seeks shelter with a group of people to figure out a solution to stay alive. While they try to escape, the victims of the spirit are deceitful and they claim they see something phenormal and want the whole world to see it.

Malorie goes to find food with other survivors, but ends up finding birds in a cage that have survived. Since the birds can sense the supernatural beings, she uses the birds that are in a box as a warning signal for when danger is near, When the end of the world comes, the only way to survive is to remain sightless regardless of temptation from others.

While watching the movie, the audience converts into one of the characters and they are so involved that they cover their eyes in fear of what lies ahead. The unexplained and the unknown is the mystery that must be confronted. It leaves the audience engaged in the story and makes the viewers relate to the urgency of survival. “Bird Box” entices the viewer to understand the value of taking a risk and appreciating parental protection. However, the ending makes it seem that there is more to be discovered and therefore needs to be expanded.

This movie is suspenseful, intense and leaves you feeling connected to the characters. “Bird Box” will make you realize that fear is inevitable and fear has two meanings, forget everything and run or face everything and rise.

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