Wrestling makes moves

Savanna Rush, North Staff Writer

The Edmond North wrestling team has been working hard this season to perform their best. Wrestling manager and junior, Morgan Maggard, has been alongside the boys all season. Maggard uses an app on an iPad provided by the school. This app, Matboss, is specially designed for wrestling footage. This app records takedowns, merfalls, escapes and penalties throughout any said match.
“I’ve been a wrestling manager since 8th grade and I am so glad I chose to be one thanks to coach Schneider,” Maggard said. “I am one of two managers and it’s something I love being apart of. I love going to the tournaments and seeing all the cool wrestling moves and seeing the incredible work ethic they put in everyday.”
Maggard describes the practices the wrestlers endure to stay on the team as well as staying on top of their eligibility requirements. Not to mention lifting before each season begins. There have been several injuries this season, mostly joint and muscle related, but the boys remain determined to wrestle well and work harder.
Maggard travels with the boys to every dual, tournament, and match. The team travels as far as Kansas City, but mainly competes in Oklahoma.
Sophomore Austin Mason has been apart of the North wrestling team for the past two years.
“I have been wrestling since I was in sixth grade,” Mason said. “I can’t really remember my life before it. It gives me something to look forward to and be apart of everyday.”
Mason describes his struggles he sometimes faces making the weight cut. Examples of the gap between weight classes are as follows: 106, 113, 120, 126, 132 and so on. Before each dual and tournament the boys must meet one of the strict weight classes. However, at the start of the new year they are given a 2 pound weight allowance. A dual, Mason describes, is where the entire team wrestles any one team- usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays. A regular win is 3 points and a win with 6+ points is called major decision. A tech fall is when the wrestler gets 15+ points during a match. A fall or pin is when the wrestler has their opponent restrained flat against the mat for more than a second.
Maggard also shows her appreciation for being a wrestling manager by describing that she would not want to spend her time any other way.
“Being a manager and following along with the team has showed me the amazing ways God works in each of the wrestlers lives,” Maggard said. “And furthermore how coach Schneider has made all of them feel comfortable and like his own family.”
Even if the wrestlers have a bad day, that does not mean it’s bad season. From weight classes and practices, to competitive duals and tournaments, the wrestlers remain steady minded to make Edmond North proud.

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