The hidden meaning behind “7 Rings” lyrics

The hidden meaning behind

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Chloe Golightly, North Managing Editor

Singer Ariana Grande has recently blown up the media by releasing hit songs one by one, all with meaningful lyrics and hidden meanings behind each line. Her latest song, “7 Rings,” released Jan. 18, tells a story of friendship and has been described as a “thank you” song to her friends.

“7 Rings” differs from Grande’s previous songs because it is specifically about her friendship with her close friends, instead of being a thank you song to her ex-boyfriends. Many lyrics reference Grande’s friends and events she’s had with them, such as buying them all engagement rings from Tiffany & Co. after calling off her engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, and retail therapy with her friends.

Grande revealed the release date of “7 Rings” before she actually released the song, most likely to build anticipation in her fans. stated that Grande teased the song for days but “finally gave a full look at the new female empowerment anthem that’s both catchy and full of details about her life.”

Grande’s song has also faced a major setback, with many singers such as Soulja Boy, Princess Nokia, 2 Chainz and Notorious B.I.G. coming forward and claiming Grande stole some of their lyrics or referenced them somehow in her music video for the song. Grande’s lyrics do reference some of these artists, but in an inconspicuous way since they are not exactly the same.

Grande has also faced controversy regarding racism, with many critics saying she has a “blaccent” and is a “little white black girl.” The line “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it” from “7 Rings” was widely talked about since many people thought it was racist and referred to a weave, though Grande later revealed that she was referring to her hair extensions from her iconic ponytail.

The song debuted at number one on the worldwide iTunes chart and later reached number one on the US iTunes chart. Despite the criticism that Grande has faced, the new song has been a hit and easily became many fans favorite songs (me included). “7 Rings” will join the other hit pop songs that Grande has released to combine and create a much anticipated album coming out Feb. 8, 2019.

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