Kelly Clarkson: The Meaning of Life tour

Lauren Crouch, Memorial Staff Writer

Kelly Clarkson continued her world tour The Meaning of Life at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Feb. 8. Performing alongside her was the season 14 winner of The Voice Brynn Cartelli as well as country music star Kelsea Ballerini. Along with Clarkson, who won the first season of American Idol, Ballerini has became a The Voice coach alongside Clarkson and Cartelli as a contestant.

My expectations walking into the concert were very high due to the fact that they have all been contestants on a live singing show and all have gone very far in their season’s competition. The concert definitely exceeded my expectations due to the amazing of the production of each song and the performance that went with it.

Clarkson sang several new songs from her album such as “Love So Soft,” “Heat,” “Whole Lotta Woman” and “Move You,” but she also did throwbacks and performed songs from some of her first albums. She sang her first single ever releasedA Moment Like This,” the first song of the show because it was one of her most successful songs produced. She also turned one of the first songs she ever sang, “Miss Independent,” into a trio with Cartelli and Ballerini.

She also premiered her other projects like the new animated film “Ugly Dolls” which she stars in as well as her new talk show set to premiere Sept. 9. To prepare for a talk show and to stay updated on social media each night on tour, she does a Facebook live that is called “A Minute and a Glass of Wine,”on which she went live while performing.

Along with singing multiple numbers, she also had to make lots of clothing changes, so to pass the time she would have one of her guest stars sing to keep the audience entertained. Also, the order of her songs performed had a certain arrangement beginning with more upbeat songs to start off the concert.

It was obvious that she is a seasoned performer and it also was evident that she felt comfortable on stage performing in front of large crowds as she showed a genuine connection with her audience. Not only did she sing, but she also talked about what inspired her to write each song and about her life.

She made the concert very enjoyable and created a very upbeat and fun atmosphere. However, the stage was very small so almost anywhere that you were sitting it made it hard to see anything going on. That issue was later resolved when they put her on the large jumbotron. However, the general setup of the stage and seating was a bad design choice and definitely could have been better.

Clarkson wanted her concert to be energetic and thoughtful because that fits her personality making the overall experience very enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to go watch Clarkson anywhere she is performing, as it is worth the money for the tickets.

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