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Brianna Sivils, Santa Fe Staff Writer

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Have you ever woken up from a dream and wanted to know what it meant? The book, “10,000 Dreams Explained,” gives all the answers for those strange dreams that left you questioning your sanity.

10,000 Dreams Explained was written by Pamela Ball and published by Arcturus. Ball has published many other books on dreaming, some including The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming.

In 10,000 Dreams Explained, Ball gives an alphabetical list of dream symbols, their meanings and also goes into detail on what each symbol might represent in your dream. She also provides multiple examples for each symbol.

For instance, in her section on “Buildings”, she gives explanations for churches, houses, castles, pyramids and many more.

One of the weaknesses of the book was that some symbols in the book were not always explained. For example, the image of “Emerald” was not given an explanation. Under “Emerald”, Ball wrote, “-see Jewels” as the explanation. She wrote that for many other symbols in the book, putting “see…” or “also see…” and gave no definition to that particular symbol.

This is a weakness because the symbol in someone’s dream might mean something important and the lack of definition leaves the reader wondering what the importance of the symbols are.

This novel is somewhat similar to other books and articles based on the same topic. Most books about dream interpretation explain what they mean, however, they do not give the detail Ball provides. Ball gives a broader explanation of each individual entity in dreams than most other articles and books on dreams.

One of the articles that are similar to 10,000 Dreams Explained is Dream Meanings A-Z, written by Cindy Lawson. Lawson goes into some detail about dream interpretations and goes through an alphabetical list of symbols. She doesn’t, however, give as much detail that Ball provides in her book that makes the book interesting.

10,000 Dreams Explained is the perfect book for those who just cannot figure out what their subconscious is telling them or for those who are interested in the psychology of dreaming.

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