Happy Death Day 2U is 2good 2be true


The baby mask worn by the murderer in both this film, as well as its predecessor, Happy Death Day

Hannah Prentice, Memorial Co-Editor-in-Chief

In honor of the holiday of love, the movie Happy Death Day 2U (sequel of thriller movie, Happy Death Day) was released Feb. 13.

Happy Death Day 2U is centered around college sorority girl Tree (Jessica Rothe), her new boyfriend Carter (Israel Broussard) and his best friend Ryan (Phi Vu) fighting off a baby mask wearing murderer while stuck in a time loop, with the day starting over every time Tree or Ryan dies (similar to the plot of the movie Groundhog Day) with a science fiction (sci-fi) twist that helps it differ from the first film.

In the second film, Tree becomes trapped in an alternate dimension on her birthday where she sees people who died back in her own dimension. She spends the movie trying to find out who is under the mask, while also debating with herself as to whether or not to stay in this dimension or go back to her own. With different advantages in each, Tree faces a big decision.

The movie, much like its predecessor, does not disappoint in beautifully balancing the thrilling, suspenseful jump scares while incorporating comedic elements as well.

Each main character brings an element of confusion, fear and also cunning intelligence to their characters, with Rothe adding in moments of frustration as well as emotional vulnerability.

Through the script, the writers were able to connect the original plot into the new storyline while switching up not only the villain, but also the intended victim of the murderer from the first film. The ways in which the writers incorporated moments or plot points from the last movie was well done.

Another element in the movie that was masterfully completed was the soundtrack of the film. Keeping with similar hip hop music as the first movie, the second film’s soundtrack differed enough that they stood out independently while staying true to typical college-girl generic music, while also fitting into the plot and theme.

The music was a large factor that added to the comedic elements. With rap music playing, it was harder for viewers to be as scared. It also made Tree come across as strong and independent, not the typical “damsel in distress” female archetype.

By far, however, the most outstanding, well thought through element of the plot was the wardrobe of all of the characters, done by costume designer, Whitney Anne Adams. With Tree repeating the same day over and over, her wardrobe changes daily, but her counterparts (who are unaware of the trap they are in) are seen in the same wardrobe throughout the film.

Happy Death Day 2U is one of the better sequels to come out in recent years, due to how it not only fits in well with the first film, but also adds a new technological, scientific spin that does not take away from the plot or the integrity of the original. The film beautifully balances the genres of thriller, sci-fi and comedy in one exceptional movie.