Girls ball out at Regionals



The lady huskies before regionals. From left to right: Langlee Brown, Kamri Heath, Graycen Holden, Anna Robertson, Chloe Scheitzach.

Savanna Rush, North Staff Writer

 Girls ball out at Regionals


North Staff Writer

The North girls basketball team played U.S. Grant and Santa Fe last Thursday and Saturday. Regionals was hosted by North because they are ranked number one in the west. Junior Graycen Holden is the starting center on varsity.

“We played really well against U.S. Grant and beat them by 70,” Holden said. “Everyone got to play a lot. But then when we played Santa Fe we began to slack in the 4th quarter.”

North took the victory against U.S. Grant, but took the tough loss to Santa Fe. Junior Amaia Maxwell is the varsity starting point guard.

“We were up by 14 and lost it in overtime when Santa Fe really started pressing,” Maxwell said. “We tried to turn the ball over at the most critical time before it ran out. Two starters fouled out, then Kamri Heath scored to tie it up and we went into overtime. We couldn’t stay composed and began to freak out.”

Then another starter fouled out. By this time they had three starters on the bench and they began to pull away. The girls played defensively but the game got the best of them when Santa Fe’s numbers quickly started catching up.

“If I could go back I would’ve used the clock a little better,” Holden said. “We hurried a lot at the end of the Santa Fe game and gave them a ton of time to bounce back and win it all.”

Even though the girls did not have the victorious score they hoped for, they learned a lesson not otherwise feasible by coached practices.

“Our coaches told us to leave everything on the court although we want to play our best game at all times,” Holden said. “All that truly matters at this point in the season is a win. Even by one point, no matter how ugly”

Hard work and dedication describes these girls’ work ethic. They practice everyday on executing tough plays and focus on their strategies.

“Although losing regionals really stunk, it brought me back to reality that we aren’t guaranteed anything and if we don’t want our season to be over we have to go harder and fight for it,” Holden said. “We plan to be more strategic next year and go all out. I know we will always have each other’s backs.”

Holden’s statements are followed by similar encouraging words from Maxwell.

“Sometimes you work so hard and you still don’t come out on top,” Maxwell said. “And that’s okay, it just makes you want to work ten times harder.”

The girls will continue to work around the clock while their season has ended.

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