Should skateboarding be an Olympic event?

Peyton Jackson, Memorial Staff Writer

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With the escalating popularity of skateboarding and extreme sports in general there is a growing population of individuals who are advocating for skateboarding to be added to the Olympics.

Skateboarding is considered an extreme sport due to the fact that the skateboarder has to have balance, control the board and the surroundings all at the same time. It is a lot more difficult than it seems to people who don’t skate than it is. Even performing the most basic trick is somewhat difficult. If done incorrectly it could lead to serious injury.

Recently, break dancing has been proposed to be added to the Olympic sports list for the 2024 Olympics. That raises the question on why sports such as skateboarding havent been proposed.

Skateboarding definitely has a larger fan base than break dancing and is more widely known throughout the entire world. It is not saying that break dancing isn’t popular. There are countries out there where break dancing is way more popular than skateboarding.

If you compare skateboarding to break dancing there is a clear gap of how many people are interested in one over the other and probably would prefer to watch skateboarding instead of break dancing in the Olympics.

With the obvious amount of people, skateboarding has compared to break dancing there are many people, that want to see the future of skateboarding grow by being added to the Olympic games. This would not only grow the popularity, but it would bring awareness to the smaller skate shops in the community to grow and succeed.

With the popularity of extreme sports it would not be a bad idea to add skating to the olympics. In fact it would probably help the skating community while also providing more entertainment for the viewers at home.

The skate community would thrive due to the Olympics. Hopefully drawing in new skaters who never even thought about skating until they saw it on the Olympics this could also help skate brands gain more exposure; while some companies as ReVive, Independent Trucks and Toy Machine could become sponsors

Overall, adding skateboarding to the Olympics would not be a bad thing. From what I know there are no cons. The skateboarding community would thrive along with the companies and they be able to grow, besides it is better than breakdancing.

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