“The Upside” breaks box offices


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Dell, Kevin Hart, and Phillip, Bryan Cranston, are laughing and smiling in the new movie "The Upside".

Lauren Minnix, North Staff Writer

On Jan. 11, “The Upside” hit theaters as a comedy-drama and within the first weekend it made an astounding $19.6 million. It has now grossed over $100 million in box office sales. It was adapted from a 2011 French movie called “The Intouchables”. “The Upside” stars Kevin Hart as Dell and Bryan Cranston as Phillip. Kevin Hart has also starred in “Night School”, “Ride Along”, and many more. Bryan Cranston has appeared in movies such as “Why Him?” and “Saving Private Ryanjust to name a few. It was directed by Neil Burger, who was also the director for the books series turned movie series, “Divergent”.

The story follows a wealthy quadriplegic named Phillip and Dell, a convicted criminal trying to get back on his feet. Phillip hires Dell to be his 24 hour caretaker. As they work together, Phillip exposes Dell to new experiences such as the opera and modern art, and Dell introduces Phillip to trendy new things like hip-hop music and mainstream slang terms. As time goes on, they form an unlikely friendship and help each other learn to enjoy life and to live life to the fullest.

The story of Phillip and Dell is an unlikely tale of two different people from different walks of life coming together to form a friendship and an understanding of each other. The director made sure to incorporate Hart’s sense of humor and ability to make everyone laugh with his actions, facial expressions and one liners, while also showcasing Cranston’s dry sense of humor. Their personalities on screen mix well and make the movie more entertaining. The downside was the predictability of the plot that could have been avoided by adding a twist the audience didn’t expect, but overall it did an outstanding job of addressing and demonstrating how citizens in today’s society need to come together no matter our differences and learn to be more accepting of others.

Although “The Upside” is not a record-breaking movie or a major award winner, it is an entertaining movie to watch with friends or on a relaxing binge night by yourself. It is sure to bring a smile to your face and make you laugh out loud.

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