3 projects from the 3 Migos


Photo provided by Aftenporten

Takeoff (middle) stands between his counter parts Quavo (right) and Offset (left).

CASON WHITE, North Staff Writer

Quavo. Offset. Takeoff. Three names that form the iconic trio known as “Migos.” Sometimes considered the modern day Beatles, well, to me at least. Their revolutionary sound took the rap game by storm with hit singles like “Fight Night” back in 2014. Five years later each artist from the group has each released their own individual album.

On Oct 12 of last year Quavo started off the tandem with his release of “Quavo Huncho,” the first project of the groups solo releases. The tape debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, trailing only Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s soundtrack for “A Star is Born.” In addition to it’s high placement, the tape sold 99,000 copies in its first week in stores.

Takeoff’s solo album “The Last Rocket” came next on Nov 2, 2018. It’s release was followed by impressive numbers, #4 on the billboard with 45,000 album sales in the first week. Many people were surprised by the album, as Takeoff is widely considered the weakest link of the group. However, Take proved his worth with a banger of an album.

The last Migo to release would come months later. There were many release dates given out to the public for Offset’s album, but none were officially confirmed until late February when Offset announced his project “Father of 4.” The tape released on Feb. 22 was collectively considered a hit by the hip-hop community, it’s debut sold 89,000 copies in week number 1 and hit #4 on the Billboard.

Now that all members of Migos have released their solo albums, many have been left to ponder one question, who had the best project?

Let’s start with last place. Each tape showcases the respective artist’s originality and fans finally got to see what it would be like in the event that the Migos broke up. Takeoff’s “The Last Rocket” took me by surprise. Before there was any word of these solo projects, the thought of a singular Takeoff album sounded like a joke to me. But with its release came respect. Takeoff’s 12 track effort was an ear pleaser and it produced one song in particular that shook the music industry, “Casper”. The track hit number one on the Billboard 200 and lingered there for quite some time.  

In all, “The last Rocket” was a great album, but it still falls short of Quavo and Offset. With that being said, Takeoff earned himself a respectable rating for his tape: 7/10. The top 3 tracks are: 1) Casper 2) She Gon Wink 3) Last Memory,

Next up, “Father of 4”. Offset is my personal favorite member of Migos, but in terms of these albums, he couldn’t quite surpass Quavo. That being said, Offset managed to release a classic. The 16 song album is loaded with features from big name artists such as Travis Scott, J. Cole and even CeeLo Green. Offset puts his rapping ability on showcase while tapping into his soul to show a deeper side of the father of four. Final rating: 9/10. The top 3 tracks are: 1) Legacy [feat. Travis Scott & 21 Savage] 2) Wild Wild West [feat. Gunna] 3) Don’t lose me.

The winner of the comparison showdown is probably the most predictable. We’ve all known that Quavo is widely viewed as the leader of the trio, and he backed up the talk with a smash hit for his debut solo album. “Quavo Huncho” gave us 19 songs from Huncho himself, and many features from big name artists. I was impressed how Quavo managed to never lose my attention throughout the entirety of this project, there are a few features that failed to impress me (Saweetie and Normani in particular) but even on those tracks Quavo does his thing and demolishes his verses. Final rating: 10/10. The top 3 tracks are: 1) FLIP THE SWITCH [feat. Drake] 2) RERUN [feat. Travis Scott] 3) LOST [feat. Kid Cudi].

The links I provided in the story will take you to the respective album on Spotify, but each one can be found on any and every other streaming service. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at [email protected].