Dance recognition in the world

There has been much controversy over whether dance is a sport, but dancers have been asking for this recognition for quite some time.

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There has been much controversy over whether dance is a sport, but dancers have been asking for this recognition for quite some time.

Ebonee Miller, Memorial Staff Writer

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The dance world is small compared to other sports, but it continues to grow larger everyday due to dance  becoming more popular, but still not many people realize how much hard work goes into it.

I have been dancing since I was three years old and spend most of my time at the dance studio. It is like a second home. Dance is a sport that many people do not give credit for being one. It is not easy or something that someone can  just jump into and automatically become the best.

Dance is a very competitive sport and I have been competing in dance competitions for seven years which can be very stressful. Dance studios from all over travel to compete and qualify to be able to compete at nationals.

Everyone in the dance world knows each other. My dance teacher knows many famous dancers, who are choreographers for celebrities or back up dancers for celebrities. One of my old dance partners dances on Broadway for the Rockettes. To be at this level, dancers have to constantly be aware of what they do and how they talk to people at any type of dance function because we never know who others may know.

Dancers do not receive the recognition they deserve, but that is slowly beginning to change. More shows about dance are coming out and beginning to be popular. Shows like “America’s Got Talent” always has had a dance group during finals. “So You Think You Can Dance” has become more popular again after being on air for years. The new dance show “World Of Dance” was not always a TV show, but a dance competition,  with the best teams competing from all over the world. The competition became big enough that it became a TV show was made out of it.

In addition to all of this dance is very costly, my family has paid thousands of dollars for me to be able to dance. Costumes are very expensive and dancers could have costume holding fees plus hair and makeup costs. The competitions have entry fees, the smaller the group the more expensive it becomes with solos being the most expensive dance category, not to mention the travel expenses.

Non-dancers do not see and understand all of the things that go into dance. It takes time and is like any other sport, so it is hard to understand why some overlook it. However, it is starting to become more popular in today’s society with all of the new dance shows and dancers performing on talk shows to exhibit their talent and gaining the respect it deserves.

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